What Makes Us Special?

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What Makes Us Special?

Our school recruits a team of dedicated, professional educators who believe that all students deserve high quality education. We equip our learners by the 21st century skills such as ICT integration, collaboration, critical thinking and communication.


We are proud to meet high standards of performance in education, thus receiving accreditations and certifications such as Cognia, CELF and ISA Award.

Our huge campus at Makassed KBWH provides a safe and nurturing environment to inspire students’ growth and development.

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Our core values such as pride, responsibility, respect, ethics, optimism and leadership are deeply embedded in our learning environment.

We are an inclusive school in Beirut that serves students with learning differences from k-12 in a least restrictive environment by providing them with special education and therapy services on campus.

We focus on providing leadership skills with the correct tools to nurture and grow the minds of our youngsters in a supportive, encouraging, and stress-free environment. We strive to educate a generation well equipped to cope with and build a better future for everyone.

Continuous professional development and coping with the latest progress is one of our main concerns. Our staff received many certifications in all domains from reputable organizations such as Harvard and Cambridge Universities.  The Induction Program escorts new staff members all the way during their first years of work at school.

We highly focus on the active engagement of parents in the school community since we consider them indispensable partners. The Parents’ Committee and the regular teachers-parents communication are examples of parental engagement.

We offer varied programs at school to support our learners.  The Leader in Me Program targets the instilment of leadership traits and values in our students. Advocacy Program is a priority in our school from K-12 to help support our students socially and emotionally. Career Guidance is another program that guides our secondary students to determine their future careers.