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Welcome to KBWH Middle School!

Middle School team at KBWH supports our adolescent students academically and emotionally during this developmental stage.

The Middle School offers a three- year program for Grades 7-9.  It offers the Lebanese program which prepares students for the official Lebanese Brevet Examination. It also offers the Foreign program which is a non- Brevet Program.

The Lebanese Program is offered for the Lebanese Nationality students or for students with other nationalities who choose to study it. Core subjects including Math and Sciences are taught in English or French. In the French section, English is taught as the second foreign language and vice versa. In both sections, history, geography, civics are taught in Arabic.

The Foreign program is offered to Lebanese or non- Lebanese students. Lebanese students who lived more than three years abroad (law 29/73), and non- Lebanese students or Lebanese studied abroad or in Lebanon and hold another country’s passport can join the program. This program was officially licensed by the Lebanese government (decree 12/5195), and students should get the authorization from the Committee of Equivalence at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education before enrollment in to the program. A special program is implemented for foreign program students in specific subject areas (Math, Arabic Language, English Language, and Sciences), where we work with them according to their needs which will aid, if requested by their parents, to be enrolled in the Lebanese system later.

We invite you to check Foreign Program webpage for further Information… 

The Inclusive Program is offered for students who have special needs or learning difficulties. Program is directed by Makassed Learning Abilities Center (MLAC). Pullout and support sessions in Math, Sciences and Languages are scheduled based on students’ Individualized Educational Plans (IEP).

MLAC prepares a file for every student to be submitted to the Ministry of Education to be revised and then approve the exemption from Grade 9 official exams or receiving suitable assistance during these exams (depending on the students’ learning disability case). Grade 12 students may receive assistance during their official exams depending on the case.

We invite you to check MLAC webpage for further Information.